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 When you have more coat hangers, use those in different purposes. You can add more storage space by using the extra amount of coat hangers tactfully. To know more go through the following 5 extraordinary uses for your extra coat hangers:

More closet place – Make use of extra coat hangers and trouser hangers in a clever way. Add aluminum can tab near the hanger’s hook. After that, hang another hanger from the can tab. In this way, you can hang two clothes in two hangers, so it is likely that from now onwards your closest will remain clean and properly organized.

Magazines storage – You can be a very busy person who has no time to stand and stare. It is true that busy people cannot indulge in a leisure time often. And, if you cannot finish reading a page or pages of your magazine, then drape on a coat hanger, so that you can read it afterwards. This is the best way to solve your difficulty. As these are non slip hangers so magazine will remain in their position for long. Visit this link for more info on non slip hangers.

Hotel drapes – In each hotel room two things are common – a closet that is filled with hangers for clothes and curtains that don’t close in a proper manner. You can do the combination of the two things. You just have to clip the curtains along with a hanger.

Blow bubbles to make your kids happy – In fairs you will see that children are blowing bubbles by using a plastic instrument and having fun a lot. You can make this instrument by using the extra coat hangers. At first, you have to mold the hanger’s body to make a large circle. Then, you have to properly bend the hanger’s hook closed to make a handle. After that, you must cover the portion where the body and the hanger’s hook are intersecting. You can cover the portion by using a duct tape or by masking, so that no gaps are left in the ring.

A jewelry hanger – Make a jewelry hanger to hang your necklaces by using the extra coat hangers. It’s very simple and you don’t have to waste more time or money to make it. You can make it by adding more screw-in hooks near the inner portion of a wooden hanger.  

There are many towels that you must seek to purchase. Some might be a lot cheaper for you than others too. You must make sure that you do seek ones that are of high quality product. If you like you can ask someone who is way more experienced than you for support. Here are some towels that you must seek to purchase:


These towels online are great for you to consider using. It is extremely soft as it does go through a low twist system that does result in it becoming a lot softer than it appears to be. You can visit a store that sells these ones if you like. Do make sure that you do test them out before you do decide to purchase them. There are many fake ones out there in the market too.


The rye one is great as they do come in different bright colors and patterns. They are great for covering a larger surface area like bedspreads, carpets as well as cushions. You will have to look for a rye one that is made from around 80-100 percent. Do look for a neon one that has a trimming which is stripped.


The weave one is great as it is a cost efficient beach towel for you to choose from. They can generally be stacked on a shelf as they are great to look at. They come in different colors of green, grey as well as mint. Do make sure that you do seek one that has a heavy weaving on them.


This one is great as it is luxurious. It is made out of 100% cotton that does have a deep embedded weave in it. It will allow for extreme absorbency to take place. It is made with a clear motive in mind. The motive is for the towel to stand the test of time. Most of them do come with a double hem. Do make sure that you do speak to an expert in towels before you do purchase any. You can even ask a friend if you like too. Most of these types above can seem expensive if you do not budget ahead for them. You will have to think about the cost and the overall durability of the items that you do want to purchase. Make sure that you do check out towel sites and blogs for more inspiration. You can even view YouTube for further inspiration. Do look for the best options available to you.